style guide

our stylist shows you how to mix and match Matron Saint pieces with pieces you already have in your closet, for every season, trimester, and occasion

what to wear... this season

stay cool as the weather gets warmer with breathable fabrics and skin-baring silhouettes

goddess dress + wide brim hat

artist dress + white sneakers

activist dress + lightweight long sleeved button down + slides

queen v-back long sleeve dress

what to wear... as you grow

all MATRON SAINT pieces are designed to last throughout your entire pregnancy and far beyond. here's some inspiration for feel-good outfits as you grow


for softness and stretch on your growing bump

early pregnancy:
mogul leggings + champ tank + drape cardigan

tycoon trouser + royal long sleeve + sneakers

mogul leggings + premier top + wedges


to accentuate your features

goddess off the shoulder dress + cardigan

maven dress + boots

queen v back dress

what to wear... by occasion

for baby showers and baby moons, to work and to workout, outfits to support your busy lifestyle

WEAR TO WORK: boss top + magnate skirt + cropped blazer + comfortable heels

STAYING ACTIVE: conqueror tank + leggings + sneakers

BABY SHOWER: majesty dress + bold accessories + low strappy heels

EVENING OUT: goddess dress + heels + clutch

BABY MOON: maven dress + sandals + hat + sunglasses

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